In July 2013, the 501c3 nonprofit organization JTDC Foundation broadened its mission to also provide those youth, who come into contact with the juvenile justice system, with the community-based resources and positive opportunities needed for these youth to successfully return and live in their homes and communities as productive and violence-free citizens.


The Juvenile Temporary Detention Center Foundation (JTDC Foundation) enriches the lives of youth in the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) and inspires them to reach their full potential. The JTDC Foundation fosters community involvement in the lives of youth in detention, raises public awareness of their challenges and supports the therapeutic goals of the JTDC with respect and without judgment.


The JTDC Foundation works closely with the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center (JTDC) to promote the physical, psychological and educational growth and development of youth placed in custody. We use a transformational approach that is guided by the Trauma Informed and Positive Youth Development evidence-based models, to offer focused institutional and community-based supports that are designed to help youth make personal, societal, and educational responsible choices to reach their full potential.



  • On any given day, the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center is housing between 300 to 382, mostly African American, young minority males and females, ages 10-17.
  • Predominately African American teenage males and females, ages 10 – 17.
  • Recidivism rates are high. Some estimates are as high as 50%.
  • For youth arrested for drug-offenses, the recidivism rate is even higher. More than 95% are re-arrested within 3-years.


Each time a youth goes into detention, even if just one day, the chance of him or her being detained again increases!




The JTDC Foundation’s primary goal is to divert youth from criminal justice system by helping them regain positive control of their lives.


Our secondary goal is to strengthen the cohesiveness and connectivity of the youth and their families.



Please give what you can and help JTDC Foundation make a difference




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